Lettered Sphinx Moth Trio
Location:  Cosby, Tennessee
May 1, 2011
Hi Daniel,
These moths are plentiful this season in Cosby, TN.  It took me a while to identify them, but not too long…page 21 on your (hawk moth) site!
This, tiny winged critter?  I haven’t had any luck identifying it.
I am always amazed, intrigued, and awed by the detail of each insect that I photograph.  Thank you for helping me learn more about them all.
R. G. Marion
Sevier County, TN

Lettered Sphinxes

Hi again R.G.,
While we applaud your efforts to muddle through our labyrinthine archives to identify some species, we often provide links to websites with more specificity.  In our opinion, the best place to search for Sphinx Moth species identification is the Sphingidae of the Americas website which has an excellent information page on the Lettered Sphinx,
Deidamia inscriptum.  From the nation page, you can select the country of origin and from the Sphingidae of the United States page you can select the state of origin which helps to significantly narrow down the identification process.  This photo of a trio of Lettered Sphinxes is quite amusing.  Your other insect is a species of Mayfly.

Location: Tennessee

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