Grubs and beetle
Location: Washington, DC
May 1, 2011 3:15 pm
I found numerous grubs and a few beetles nearby in my vegetable garden today. I wonder if they are related. Any assistance in identifying them would be appreciated.
Signature: Roy

Big Headed Ground Beetle and Scarab Grubs

Hi Roy,
Your grubs and beetle are only distantly related in that they are in the same insect order.  The grubs are Scarab Grubs, most likely June Beetles, and they feed on plant roots.  The Beetle is a beneficial predator, a Ground Beetle in the genus
Scarites.  BugGuide lists six species in the genus, and our money is on the Big Headed Ground Beetle, Scarites subterraneus, as the species.  You may read about the Big Headed Ground Beetle on BugGuide.

Big Headed Ground Beetle

Location: Washington, DC

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