Large winged…cicada?
Location: Belmopan, Belize
April 30, 2011 10:26 am
Hi! I saw this large (over 3”, probably closer to 4”) bug on my windowsill at night. He had really long antennae that don’t show up well in the picture (but he does have a cute little face, doesn’t he?) He was quite active, so I presume he is nocturnal. He was pretty spectacular! Any ideas what he is? I thought perhaps a cicada, because it’s that time of year. Thanks for any assistance! You folks are great!
Signature: Cindy

Giant Leaf Cockroach

Hi Cindy,
What a magnificent Cockroach you have encountered.  Of the thousands of species of Cockroaches in the world, very few are known to infest human dwellings, and this is definitely a benign species.  We hope to be able to provide a species identification with some additional research.

Giant Leaf Cockroach

Hi Daniel and Cindy:
I believe this is a Peppered Cockroach (also Giant Peruvian or Giant Leaf Cockroach), Archimandrita tesselata.  It is a forest dwelling species throughout Central and South America. They are able to fly but apparently seldom do so, preferring instead to hide among the leaf litter where they are quite well camouflaged.  They are popular among roach breeders because of their impressive size, good looks and ease of care, so there is actually quite a lot of information available on the internet. Regards.  Karl

Hi Daniel,
Wow – that’s a cockroach?  They sure grow ’em big down here in Belize!  Ah well, he seemed quite pleasant and didn’t bother me, so I’m happy to report that he’s still motoring merrily around somewhere.  I wish I’d been able to get a ruler next to him in the picture because he was quite large, but I didn’t really want to open the screen on the off-chance that he might fly in.  Perhaps if he wanders back one evening, I’ll give it a try.
Thanks so much for the identification!  We have so many amazing bugs down here and I’m trying to learn, but darn it, they just don’t come with name tags.
Thanks again so much for your time!
Warm regards,

Location: Belize

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  1. Josephine Ansaldo-Nixon says:

    Hi, I have six of them as pets hunni and they are truly gorgeous. Have you looked at their lovely little eyes, all big and brown?

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