Ed. Note: The following email was a followup response to an earlier comment.  This email was accompanied by 14 photos representing at least 6 different species.  While we applaud our new fan’s enthusiasm, we are creating a new posting with edited content.  See the initial posting here.

April 28, 2011
Butte County, CA
… I do have a couple of bugs you might be intrigued by; …  The other was a seemingly voracious black and white striped bug that was encouraged to go forth and eat LOTS of earwigs.
BTW…I got into chickens as earwig control, and now I have more than I know what to do with…LOL…so watch out!  They’re addictive (or at least additive!

Anyway, you’re welcome to my photo collection, should you want it…here are two exemplars and enjoy! 🙂
If there’s anything I can do to help you folks, I have no life, so let me know. 🙂

Hairy Rove Beetle eats Earwig

Hi Pam,
All of your photos are quite wonderful, but we need to maintain a bit of structure here or we would go careening out of control.  Please, don’t put all your eggs (read photos) in one basket (read email) and in the future, please use our identification form which limits the number of photos per submission to three.  We choose the best or most representative one to accompany the posting, and we sometimes use two or all three.  We are positively thrilled to use some of your photos of a Hairy Rove Beetle eating Earwigs.  Several years ago we created a Food Chain section to our site to highlight predators and their prey.  You can see BugGuide for additional information on the fascinating Hairy Rove Beetle.

Hairy Rove Beetle eats Earwig

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Location: California

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