Jewel bugs from the Philippines
Location: Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines
April 27, 2011 7:39 am
Hello, these were pictures I took of a scutellerid (jewel bug) from the Philippines. They were quite numerous.
Only thing I know about them is that they scutellerid, probably Scutellerinae. They were feeding on Jatropha in our backyard, which doesn’t help narrow it down, LOL. The exact locality I photographed them in is in Bukidnon, Mindanao Island.
I am currently improving Wikipedia’s article on Scutelleridae (yes, I’m a Wikipedian), and I would like to include my photo, haha. Only thing is, it would look a bit out of place being unidentified. Might be a new species *waggles eyebrows*, but then again color patterns can vary even between adults in Scutelleridae heh. Haven’t seen any nymphs sadly, adults are quite large, about an inch in length (excluding antennae) Photos are here:
In terms of body shape, it most resembles Australian Scutiphora. However closest coloration patterns I can find are also all from unidentified scutellerids from nearby islands. Dorsal coloration is predominantly red, with two bands of iridiscent green-gold on the scutellum. The head and anterior part of the thorax are greenish blue. A black strip runs longitudinally in the center of the head from the rostrum.
Photos are licensed under CC-BY so use them in any way you please. Hoping you guys can help, thanks in advance.
Signature: Obsidian Soul

Jewel Bug

Dear Obsidian Soul,
Though we do not recognize your species of Jewel Bug, the photos are quite lovely.  Perhaps our readership can provide you with a comment to our posting to assist in your Wikipedia posting.

Jewel Bugs

Location: Philippines

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  1. seale says:

    it’s good to know that we have also Jewel beetle in the Philippines . I hope you will add more explanation about insect that live int he Philippine. I will help more our students to know more about bugs. thank you

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