red headed yellow winged?
Location: Phoenix, AZ
April 22, 2011 11:48 pm
I saw this bug walking across the parking lot at my wife’s work.. We live in Phoenix, AZ.. It had 6 legs. I thought it looked like a giant red ant. Thanks for any and all info you have on it.
Signature: Ben

Iron Cross Blister Beetle

Dear Ben,
This is an Iron Cross Blister Beetle, and each spring we get several identification requests from their range in California and Arizona.  Your letter is our first report for 2011, though we did receive one report in December 2010 that is most likely due to the unusual weather pattern and unseasonal rains since late 2010.  All Blister Beetles should be handled with care as they are able to secrete a compound known as cantharidin that can cause skin to blister.

Location: Arizona

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  1. R. Pruett says:

    We are seeing these Iron Cross Blister Beetles in Far North Scottsdale right now. 5/2020

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