Odd Black and White Beetle?
Location: Weatherford, TX
April 18, 2011 8:37 pm
I could not find out what this bug is exactly. I searched google for an hour and still could not figure it out. It’s about an inch long, white and black speckled body. Please, we would really like to know, it’s been bugging us!
Signature: Thanks For Your Time, Ashley

Southwestern Ironclad Beetle

Hi Ashley,
Since the last time we posted a photo of
Zopherus nodulosus haldemani, BugGuide has added a common name to the information page.  This species goes by the common name Southwestern Ironclad Beetle.  The exoskeleton is extremely hard, indicating that it has adapted through evolution to survive stomping and other forms of physical trauma.  We are postdating this entry to post live during our vacation from the office later in the week.

Location: Texas

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