Unknown bug / beetle
Location: Israel
April 18, 2011 3:03 am
I’d be happy if you could identify this bug. I photographed it in the bike trail near Kibbutz Be’eri (in Israel) a few days ago.
Signature: Oren B.

Darkling Beetle

Dear Oren,
We are nearly certain that this is some species of Darkling Beetle in the family Tenebrionidae.  In our haste to post a few letters and rush off to work, we haven’t the time to try to find a species identification, however, we did find a photo of a similar looking beetle on Shutterstock Images.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for the identification. I did some more digging and it seems this beetle may be the Adesmia dilatata. What do you think?

Hi Oren,
While it looks similar, the textured pattern on the elytra of your specimen seems different.

Location: Israel

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