Correct Identification?
Location: Battle Ground, WA
April 17, 2011 10:06 pm
I just wanted to thank you for all the excellent resources you provide people with.
My kids captured this insect worried it was a Flying Termite. I used several of the ”Buglinks” and found the bug.
My question is why is the Dance Fly given different scientific names?
Dance Fly – Empis spectabilis and
Dance Fly – Rhamphomyia longicauda.
If the enclosed pictures are not the ”Dance Fly”, could you point me in the right path.
But if I am correct with the Identification,
could you add the picure to your excellent site?
referenced also:
Signature: daddyo

Dance Fly, we presume

Dear daddyo,
The first part of your question has a very easy answer.  Dance Fly is a general name for a member of the family Empididae (see BugGuide) and within that family are many different species.  Many of those species do not have unique common names, but they do have unique scientific binomial names.  The two names you are questioning are species specific and the names include both genus and species indicators.  We believe you are correct that this is a Dance Fly, though we eagerly welcome the input of a dipterist or other knowledgeable person regarding the matter.  We are pleased to post your photos and inquiry, and we will also be creating a Dance Fly subcategory for our website.

Dance Fly we believe

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Location: Washington

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