Is this a bed bug?
Location: Chesterfield, England, UK
April 18, 2011 7:17 am
Hello bugman,
Me and my partner turned our house upside down when we thought we had bed bugs a couple of weeks ago.
Our only evidence was that I had seen what looked like a first instar bed bug on my trousers I’d left on the floor next to the bed, and he found a pearlescent egg on the base of our bed. I also had what looked like bed bug bites on me, but he had, and still has, nothing.
I’ve been to the doctor and been told that I do not have bed bug bites, it is a small oval shaped blister-like rash called pityriasis rosea.
Today however, I have just found another bug that looks like a very young bed bug; it was in a large carrier bag next to my bed.
We do think that it does look too slim and segmented to be a bed bug, it is not bulbous or translucent either.
Please please please can you help us, before we turn our room upside down again.
Signature: Kind regards, Hailey Winstone


Dear Hailey,
Due to the prevalence of media coverage regarding Bed Bugs in recent years, this very real concern has spawned unnecessary paranoia among the general public.  Every creature found in the bedroom is now a suspect.  This is not a Bed Bug.  It is an innocuous Booklouse.  Booklice are often found in homes and they feed on the starch of book bindings and wallpaper glue, but they will not bite you or harm you in any way.  You can see BugGuide for additional information.

Location: UK

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