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Location: Fanling, Hong Kong
April 17, 2011 1:22 am
Hello, I am on a trip to Hong Kong and yesterday spotted several large flying things, black in colour with a red head and red/black abdomen. They were hanging around in groups of 4 or more, and circling in flight in pairs – any idea what they are?!
Thank you
– Roo
Signature: Roowilliams

Digger Wasp

Dear Roo,
We didn’t think getting an identification on this distinctive looking Red Headed Bee would be difficult, but that identification is proving to be quite elusive.  Perhaps one of our readers will supply an identification.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your quick reply! I forgot to mention that these things are huge, around 5cm in length! I have more pictures but am still on my trip in HK and using a small netbook which is frustrating to do any photo editing on, so I will submit when I return to the UK.
Best wishes

Update:  Digger Wasp not Bee
April 19, 2011
We just received a comment identifying this as a Digger Wasp,
Megascolia azurea.  The Siam Insect Zoo website has some photos that seem to corroborate this identification.

Location: Hong Kong

2 Responses to Digger Wasp from Hong Kong

  1. waiting says:

    Hi, I believe this is a female Megascolia azurea, in the Scoliidae family (the abdomen of the male is black).

    • bugman says:

      Thanks so much for the correction. We will modify the posting to indicate the correction and we will include some links.

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