Unknown large bug
Location: 1026 Washington Ave. S. E. Mpls, MN
April 13, 2011 12:47 pm
Please identify.
Signature: Pauline Pipho


Ed. Note: Our original unposted response follows.
watch your feet.  It’s a toe-biter

Name it; can you give me more information?

Dear Pauline,
We did name it.  This is a Giant Water Bug and it is commonly called a Toe-Biter.  Just exactly how much more information do you want?  Your original message asked for an identification.  We were amused by the two photos you sent with the foot included as scale, hence our brief message.  As the weather across North America warms with spring, the number of email identification requests we receive daily rises greatly, so much so that our tiny staff is unable to even respond to every request.  Additionally, more and more identification requests are being delivered with cellular technology, and the quality of the grammar and spelling of the identification requests plummets as the word count drops.  We respond from a desktop computer each morning before leaving for a traditional job, so we fire off as many requests as possible in the time allotted.  A google search of Toe-Biter should provide you with all the information you desire.  We have read  that the bite of a Giant Water Bug is quite painful, yet we rarely hear that anyone is bitten.

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