Location: jacksonville, nc
April 13, 2011 8:59 pm
I found this little guy at work hiding out on the steps, probably praying not to get stepped on. What kind is it? He’s white with black circles all over him, almost looks like someone dew on him with a black marker lol
Signature: Meg

Eyed Tiger Moth

Dear Meg,
This pretty little Tiger Moth is commonly called an Eyed Tiger Moth or Giant Leopard Moth.  There is a great deal of variation in the spotting pattern between individuals.  Adult Eyed Tiger Moths do not feed and the caterpillars are commonly called Woolly Bears.

Location: North Carolina

12 Responses to Eyed Tiger Moth

  1. muffet says:

    I have some tiger eye moths on my porch in Round Rock Texas- beautiful!

  2. L. Sheffield says:

    Located a deceased one in the Walmart Parking lot in Mineola Texas 75773

  3. d. aman says:

    Found one dying 🙁 on front steps Columbus GA It is beautiful!

  4. We have several of these beauties on our deck in Illinois.

  5. Amy Mitchell Thornton says:

    We found 1 in Cincinnati Ohio.

  6. David says:

    I just found one on my front tree in Hewitt, Tx.

  7. mgibson says:

    found one on our house in southern Ontario

  8. Mollie says:

    This gorgeous “bug” was found clinging to an outside window sill wrapped in a dead leaf in Green Cove Springs, Florida.

  9. Jessica Lynn Jarrard says:

    Found one today by my raised flower bed. Allegan , Michigan

  10. I found one hanging on back screen door he is one beautiful moth ….. I told my mom my step dad sent it to say good morning he passed Thursday 6-14-18 ……… connellsville, PA

  11. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the information. I had one on my sidewalk in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Very cool looking.

  12. Chris says:

    Today WE spotted one by our tree in Rockford Illinois.

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