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Location: In my garage located in Central FL
April 10, 2011 8:27 pm
Hi, my name’s Elizabeth and I live in Central FL. I recently went out to my garage to do some laundry and I found tons of tiny black bug/beetle looking things! They are crawling all over my detergent bottles, clothing, and floor. I want to know what they are so I can take the proper action to rid them. Also, are they harmful? I have a 3 month old and I don’t want him getting bit! We had rain about a week ago but it has been hot and humid since then. I have included a few pictures but I didn’t want to stick around much longer. They don’t fly or jump when I near them. They are very easy to smash. I do NOT like any type of insect! Please help me!
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Granary Weevil

This is some species of Weevil, and our best guess is that it may be a Granary Weevil in the genus Stilophilus (see BugGuide).  Granary Weevils infest stored grain, including rice and corn.  They may also infest pet food made of grain and other products with a grain component.  In addition to the Granary Weevils, there may be similar genera that will infest stored foods.  Check that large bag of pet food or bird seed that might be in your garage for a source of the infestation.  Granary Weevils do not pose a threat to your infant as they will not bite.

Thank you so much. I also noticed small white worm like things in my dog food. You are correct about the grain in the dog food. I keep both my cat food and dog food out there. I will take out the containers and wash them then add some fresh new food. Hopefully that will help! : )

The white worm like things are the immature Weevil larvae.

Oh ok. Well hopefully I can get that area cleaned properly and not have to worry about them. My Husband was making fun of me because I was scared of them lol! I kept feeling bugs crawl on me all night long! Some people fear water or heights…I fear bugs and spiders! I do like this website though. I have learned some intersting things from here. Thanks a bunch!

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Location: Florida

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  1. missy says:

    how do I kill or get rid of the grain weevil without harming my chickens. they are in a closed container

  2. billy says:

    Bugs are good food for chickens tho…

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