Spider found in a pool in Atlanta
Location: Atlanta, GA
April 10, 2011 12:04 pm
Hi Bug Man,
Via facebook, my friend, Marla found this big ”boy.” What kid of spider is it? Seems big and scary. Is it?
Signature: Robin Payne, Snellville, GA

Trapdoor Spider

Hi Robin,
This appears to be a male Trapdoor Spider.  Trapdoor Spiders live in burrows with camouflaged, hinged doors.  They ambush unwary prey that happens to walk by.  Trapdoor Spiders are closely related to Tarantulas, though they are much smaller.  Trapdoor Spiders might bite if provoked, but the bite is relatively harmless.  Female Trapdoor Spiders rarely leave their burrows, but male Trapdoor Spiders will wander in search of a mate.  The California Trapdoor Spider frequently falls into swimming pools and the same may be true for other members of the group.  We believe this may be a spider in the genus
Myrmekiaphila based on photos posted to BugGuide.  This posting on BugGuide indicates that the species may have a relationship to bodies of water.

Thanks so much.  I sent your note to my friend and we are both glad to know what that big guy is.

Location: Georgia

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  1. Liz says:

    Just seen 2 trapdoor spiders in Ga. Didn’t know what it was till now. I sprayed it with a disinfect I had on me at work. It rolled over, played dead and tried to run but a friend layedvhis size 12 boots on it a killed it

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