Cure for Japanese beetles for small gardens!
April 8, 2011 11:07 pm
My name is Justin and I have a fairly large home garden in Michigan. Every year it seems like the Japanese Beetle population has been growing. We tried everything short of pesticides (I grow organically and I think with a little innovation nature has a cure for all). Recently I read that Japanese beetles rely on their very sensitive sense of smell to find food and each other. I heard that the traps become innefective once they have a fair amount of  beetles in them because of the smell. This gave me an idea. My neighbor hung one of the traps. We sprinkled the dead beetles under the raspberries. We went from a heavy infestation to nonexistant. It smelled unpleasant to the human nose for a couple of days then the smell went away. We did this twice last summer and that protected the entire garden completely. There has been studies that show the beetles may be drawn to the traps but this method works if you are simply trying to protect a small area. Very effective nontoxic approach for the home gardener. Double positive traps some keeps others away. It may not drastically affect populations but it can keep them out of certain areas. Please pass this along before home gardeners use insecticides in their garden being this also kill our beloved beneficial insects.
Signature: Justin Brown

Japanese Beetle

Hi Justin,
Thanks so much for the tip.  It is a few months before we expect to get reports of Japanese Beetles, but we will do our best to feature your tip beginning in June.

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Location: Michigan

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