Mysterious Tiny Bug
Location: Port Angeles, WA
April 6, 2011 5:25 pm
Hello, I’ve been taking macro photography shots of insects for quite a long time and I hadn’t ever come across this tiny bug before, so I thought I would send it your way to see if you can enlighten me as to its identify. The bug is no more than 0.2 cm across, and I found it on the underside of a rotting piece of alder. Due to its size and semi-transparent shell, I’m guessing it is a juvenile of some form of insect that I might otherwise be able to identify (perhaps a stink bug due to the shape of the shell). Thanks for you time, and look forward to hearing from you!
Signature: Eli Owens


Hi Eli,
In our opinion, this is some species of Mite, and it has a very unusual anatomical structure.  We cannot find any matching images on BugGuide in the superorder Acariformes.  Perhaps an expert in Mites, known as an acarologist, will write in with an identification some day.

Location: Washington

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  1. bmoc says:

    This looks like a mite in the family Uropodidae (broad sense), genus Trachytes. They typically have the thin flange around the body proper as seen in this photo. They’re often found in litter or compost.

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