Caterpillar in Central Texas
Location: Austin, Texas
April 3, 2011 9:31 pm
We found this caterpillar crawling across the road. Can you help ID it? It kind of looks like a Frosted Elfin or a Green Oakblue but neither of those is supposed to be in Cetral Texas. My sone is taking this to show and tell tomorrow (we will free it in the butterfly garden afterwards), so any help woudl be appreciated (not just for tomorrow). I’ll keep looking on the web..
Signature: Karyn and Erik

Great Purple Hairstreak Caterpillar

Dear Karyn and Erik,
Sorry, we are stumped as well.  Sadly, it doesn’t seem to have any distinguishing features.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks so much anyway. The only feature I could see is what looked like two tiny eyes/ eye shapes close together that both formed the shape of a diamond on the top of the head. I have more pictures of the underside and snout, I could send you if you would like. I will keep looking on the web too.
Have a good day,

Great Purple Hairstreak Caterpillar

Hi Daniel,
I think I found it. I believe it is a Great Purple Hairstreak. See this link:
The diamond shaped mark on the head is almost identical to the caterpillar we found. I have attached a higher res photo that I took, in
case the first one did not make it through.
Your site is great! The second graders loved looking at all the pictures.
Karyn and Erik

Thanks for writing back Karyn and Erik.
You did a great job of tracking down the Great Purple Hairstreak Caterpillar’s identity.  We agree that you have found the correct species.  We had to create a new category for Lycaenid Caterpillars.

Location: Texas

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