Location: Mount Dora, Florida
April 2, 2011 4:49 pm
It’s April 2, 2011 & Im in Central Florida. I went to reach into my night stand’s drawer for a chocolate & found 3 of these in there. I thought it was strange til I realized that I had put a cylinder in there from my wind chime. And yes, there was a nest in it. Anyway, I thought they were bees until I took a closer look. Am I right to assume that these are wasps?
Signature: Sunny

Leaf-Cutter Bee

Dear Sunny,
You were actually correct before you took a  closer look.  This is a Leaf-Cutter Bee in the family Megachilidae.  According to BugGuide:  “Most are leaf-cutters, nesting in ground, in cavities, wood. Tunnels are bored in wood or in the ground. Cell is provisioned with pollen (and nectar?), an egg laid, and cell is sealed over with circular pieces of leaves that fit tightly into cavity.”  If you see perfectly cut circles cut from the leaves of your rose bushes, that is the work of the Leaf-Cutter Bee.  The slight cosmetic harm they cause to plants is greatly offset by the advantages of them pollinating flowers.  They are native bees, and there are many groups across the nation that are trying to educate the public regarding the benefits of protecting our native pollinators in the shadow of Colony Collapse Disorder.

Thank you so much! Yes, when I continued searching for an ID, I became aware that it had to be a bee. And yes, circular dark things came out of the cylinder. They were thinner than paper. I tried to get the bees to come back to it, but they didnt want to. I placed them on my tomato plant as you can see. I dont mind a little damage. I know the importance of bees. I will share this wonderful information with all my friends on Facebook. I want to thank you for all the wonderful information that you provide the world with & congratulate you on such a wonderful site. If it wasnt for you & your friends, I would never get to see the many neat creatures that God has created & continues to create.  =)
Bee Happy,

Location: Florida

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