Location: Zwolle, LA
April 4, 2011 7:16 pm
Thank you for taking the time to read this. I was camping this past weekend (april 1-2) in Toledo Bend State Park in Zwolle, LA. My 4 yr old daughter coaxed a butterfly (or moth) onto her hand. He stayed there for several minutes which we found unusual and crawled all over her. My friend and I became concerned when we noticed that the butterfly had orange ”pods” on it’s legs. I apologize that the pics are not the best but, the focus of my shots at the time were my daughter. Could you please tell us the species of this butterfly and if we should have been concerned that it was crawling on her? Thank you again.
Signature: Thank you, Meghan

Eight Spotted Forrester

Hi Meghan,
The diurnal moth, and Eight Spotted Forrester, will not harm your daughter.

Thank you so much for responding to me.  I had no idea that a website like yours existed.  I have learned a great deal, just in the reading I did yesterday.  I find that I am going to have to revise my bug rules.  The rule I have taught my daughter is that under no circumstances is she to kill a bug outside…that is their home.  Unfortunately, inside our home, all bets were off.  I have learned that quite a few bugs are very useful and from now on, I will make every attempt to relocate any bugs outside.  Just so you know, this moth did not become unnecessary carnage, although we were admittedly freaked out by it’s legs.  We coaxed it onto a branch and gently laid the branch on the ground (away from rambunctious kids).
Thanks again for your time,

Location: Louisiana

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