Bug in Backyard
Location: Penrith, NSW Australia
April 3, 2011 12:12 am
I found a whole bunch (about 50-100) of these bugs on the wooded surround of my backyard water feature. Is this bug going to be a problem? How do i get rid of it? Should i get rid of it a certain way?
Signature: Thanks! Ben

Pale Cotton Stainer Nymph

Dear Ben,
This is an immature True Bug and many nymphs are difficult to distinguish from one another.  Your insect has a strong resemblance to an immature Cotton Stainer,
Dysdercus suturellus, a species found in North America and profiled on BugGuide.  The Brisbane Insect Website indicates that a member of the genus is found in Australia, the Pale Cotton Stainer, Dysdercus sidae, but no photos of the nymph are picturedNymphs undergo five molts before becoming adults, and each, though similar to the previous, is slightly different.  The immature Pale Cotton Stainer pictured on the Queensland Government website appears to be an earlier instar than the individual in your photograph, as the wingpads are smaller.  A photo of an immature Pale Cotton Stainer that looks quite similar to your specimen can be seen on the Infonet-biovision webpage on Cotton pests by scrolling down the page.  As we stated originally, immature True Bugs are difficult to positively identify, and this may be another member of the Red Bug family Pyrrhocoridae or even a member of a different family.  Many True Bugs form large aggregations of immature as well as mature individuals, and they can get quite plentiful at times.

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Location: Australia

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