Brown/tan lady beetle?
Location: North Carolina
March 28, 2011 11:00 am
Hi! My daughter found a tan/brown beetle curled up ”playing dead” on our kitchen floor this morning and I’ve been searching online for almost an hour trying to identify it. We live in NC and though it is freezing/rainy today, the weather has been warm and pleasant and even into the 80’s in the past week.
Signature: Heather Taylor

Leaf Beetle

Carpet Beetle

Really? I didn’t think it really looked enough like any of the ones I saw online. That’s a bad thing, right? Should I be panicking….
Thanks for your help!
Heather Taylor

Hi Heather,
Thanks for writing back and questioning our quickly returned, but incorrect response that this was a Carpet Beetle.  It is not a Carpet Beetle, but rather a Leaf Beetle in the genus
Calligrapha (see BugGuide).  Sometimes in our attempts to answer as many identification requests as possible, we cut corners.  We saw your first blurry image and read your letter and Carpet Beetle seemed correct.  Enlarging your second image revealed our error.  Please accept our apology.  You do not need to panic that this outdoor dweller found its way into your home, however, when these Leaf Beetles are especially numerous, they might defoliate the host plants.

Well, I feel good that I asked, then. Thanks so much for writing back again. My daughter will be excited that she has located yet another different type of bug. It can definitely be very challenging to identify some of them as it takes me pouring over the internet sites to find pix. No worries! I appreciate all your help, especially the link to the Bug Guide.

Location: North Carolina

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