Tampa Bay Florida swamp bugs
Location: http://www.stpete.org/boyd/
March 26, 2011 3:18 pm
Hello you wonderful people.
I am hoping you might help with this. They and many others of their kind were mostly in pairs, attached and motionless to the underside of some mangrove or perhaps myrtle bush leaves at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, St Petersburg, FL 33707 (or close to that zip). I asked one of the guides who said, Hmmm, I don’t know.
Perhaps you could help me and I’ll help them?
Signature: margo rose

Sawfly Larvae

Dear Margo Rose,
We are relatively certain that these are the Larvae of Sawflies, but beyond that, we have not had any luck finding a species name.  Sawflies are related to Wasps and Bees, and the larvae of many species resemble caterpillars.  Some species of Sawflies have larvae that gregariously feed in great numbers, often defoliating trees.  You may have better luck than we have had by browsing through the images on BugGuide.  Knowing the host plant for certain should help narrow the search.

Location: Florida

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