What kind am I
Location: Middle Eastern Missouri (USA)
March 23, 2011 10:22 pm
I found two of these near the same spot behind my living room couch. At first glance i thought they may be Brown Recluse but a closer look and I 99.9% sure they are not but what are they?
Season: Start of spring
Signature: Tim Cochran

Running Crab Spider

Hi Tim,
Our first inclination is that this looks like a Giant Crab Spider in the genus
Heteropoda, though Missouri is a bit north for us to feel comfortable with that, not to mention that your specimen appears smaller.  The large pedipalps indicates this is a male spider.  We are going to enlist assistance from our readership with this identification.

Running Crab Spider

We also wish the resolution of your image was better because moving in close does not really reveal the eye pattern very clearly.

Running Crab Spider

Eric Eaton provides an identification
Nope, it is a “running crab spider,” family Philodromidae.
Sorry, gotta run.

According to BugGuide, Running Crab Spiders or:  “Philodromids tend to have the second pair of legs significantly longer than the first pair, which distinguishes them from the similar Thomisid crab spiders. In addition, thomisids have third and fourth legs that are shorter and more slender than the first two pairs of legs, while philodromid legs are subequal in length.”

Location: Missouri

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