Unknown Tiny Grasshopper
Great Smoky Mountains, TN
First Full Day of Spring
Hi Daniel,
I went for a walk in the woods earlier today, and found this tiny grasshopper sunning itself on an Oak leaf, and then it was gone.  I have been unable to identify it, so far.  Can you help?
Of course, I’ve been wrong so many times before…Cricket?  ;-D
I didn’t crop the photo so that you could see just how tiny it is.
Thanx for being there,
R.G. Marion

Orthopteran Nymph

Hi R.G.,
We are too late to try to research this at the moment.  The antennae seem too long for a grasshopper nymph, so we suspect it is in the suborder Ensifera, the Long-Horned Orthoptera.

Location: Tennessee

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