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What's That Caterpillar???

Caterpillar, Unknown
Location: Hawk Point, Lincoln CO, MO
March 19, 2011 3:42 pm
Hello! I have been trying for the past 1 1/2 yrs. to get an ID on this beautiful caterpillar, but to no avail. It was in a field of dying wildflowers in Sept. I also found a tan/brown one, same markings. The last photo is to show how the colors of the indiv. matched it’s surroundings, and it’s posturing makes it almost invisible.
Hoping someone will know who he/she is.
Thank you for your valuable time.
Signature: Pat

What Caterpillar is That???

Hi Pat,
We don’t recognize this caterpillar, which means web research.  It appears to be feeding on an aster, sunflower or other composite flower, which should aid the identification.  We are posting your letter first and we welcome the assistance of our readership.  We also hope your location in Missouri will be useful information, though it might also be a new recording.

What's That Caterpillar and Composite Flower???

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Location: Missouri

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