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what’s this bug?
Location: thumb of Michigan
March 19, 2011 2:46 pm
I found this bug on my beige carpet. I couldn’t tell it was a bug until it moved. It is almost like a white fruity pebble. It looks like the carpet. Doesn’t appear to fly.
Signature: Kim

Masked Hunter

Hi Kim,
This positively fascinating creature is called a Masked Hunter, and it is an immature Assassin Bug.  The nymphs have a sticky surface that attracts lint and dust, masking the predator by making it blend into its surroundings.  Several years ago we posted a photo of a Masked Hunter that was covered in blue fibers from a carpet, and now we have your beige carpet fiber individual as well.  Nymphs lack wings, but the black adults are winged and capable of flight.

So this makes me worry that we have bedbugs??? If we found this one does this mean there is more? Thanks!

If you have more Masked Hunter, that would be a good thing.  They are sometimes called Masked Bedbug Hunters, but we have started using the shortened name since Bedbug paranoia is sweeping the planet. Nearly every Bedbug identification request we receive is actually a Carpet Beetle.   Masked Hunters are not species specific predators.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Michigan

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