Strange House Tick?
Location: Chicago, IL
March 17, 2011 7:10 pm
Dear Bugman/Bugwoman,
We were living in a damp, dark basement apartment and started seeing these strange bugs about a month ago. We probably found 3 or 4 and then we moved to a new apartment a week ago and they seem to have followed us. We’ve already found 3 of them crawling around on our stuff. I’m feeling paranoid that we’re infested with something! Is there any way you can help me identify our unwelcome stowaway? I have attached 2 pictures. They aren’t the clearest, but maybe they will be enough. If you need another picture I can send some. I captured a couple of the bugs so I could try to figure out what they were.
Thanks for your help.
Signature: Ed

Spider Beetle

Hi Ed,
There are many small beetles that infest stored foods, and many of them have a cosmopolitan distribution.  This is a Spider Beetle, most likely in the genus
Mezium as your photo, though blurry, appears to show a pronotum with furry pubescence which according to BugGuide is a distinguishing feature.

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Location: Illinois

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