Hairy Beetle in my wild tulip
Location: Israel, near Modiin
March 16, 2011 3:22 pm
I saw this beetle yesterday in the tulip, covered with pollen. Today it was back again, but only with a light sprinkling of pollen, and almost all the pollen in the tulip had gone. Today I got the camera out. The second photo I call ”hairy beetle doing a headstand…” It obviously does a good job in pollenation of the wild tulips in the area… I did not know there was such a thing as hairy beetles.
Signature: Judith C

Bumble Bee Scarab

Hi Judith,
We really love your photos of what we believe to be a Bumble Bee Scarab Beetle in the family Glaphyridae pollinating the tulip.  The Scarabs of the Levant website states:  “Glaphyrid beetles are active fliers during the day. Adults of many species are brightly colored and hairy and often possess markings and coloration resembling bees and bumblebees. They are strong fliers and are often observed hovering near flowers or foliage or flying over sandy areas.”

Bumble Bee Scarab

Location: Israel

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