artichoke fly (Terellia fuscicornis)
Location: San Jose, CA
March 15, 2011 6:50 pm
Hey Bugman!
I was browsing the site yesterday and was surprised to find that no one had yet identified the artichoke fly, although there were two photos of them in previous postings(albeit probably different species). This photo I have submitted of the fly was taken in my backyard on my artichoke plant. The fly in my photo closely resembles the Terellia fuscicornis on BugGuide because of the V shape hair pattern on the thorax, so I am assuming it is such. According to the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture, ”The artichoke fly (Terellia fuscicornis) was accidentally introduced into California, but is not a CDFA approved biocontrol agent.”
Signature: Vincent, fellow buglover

Artichoke Fly

Hi Vincent,
Thank you so much for taking the time to identify your Artichoke Fly on BugGuide and also for providing the image for our readership.

Location: California

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