They are invading my duaghters room..please help!
Location: in bedroom beside window
March 13, 2011 2:19 pm
We are trying to figure out what these bugs are and where they are coming from. Do you have any idea?
Signature: Mom needing her daughter to sleep in her room again

Varied Carpet Beetle

Dear Mom needing…,
This is a Varied Carpet Beetle.  Larvae feed on a variety of organic materials including the woolen fibers found in rugs.  The rug in your photo looks like a wool rug.  You should search our archives for images of the larvae.  Other than the damage that the larvae do to home furnishings and museum collections, they pose no threat to your daughter.  Adults feed on pollen.

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  1. meta says:

    How do you get rid of these? I know they are not harmful but I won’t go near the part of my room I found them in, and I have to wash all of my clothing. Is there anything I can spray or place to ward them off, or if I find the origin how do I get rid of them for good. Please please help I need to clean my room and I can’t if I don’t get rid of these.

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