Location: Central Florida
March 5, 2011 8:01 pm
Just a few weeks ago we started getting these little worm-like bugs all over our house/trees. Now normally it’d be fine, we’re not freaked out by bugs or anything but they are EVERYWHERE. We can sweep them off the porch/cars and the next morning there’s just as many if not more. I tried looking them up but can’t find any that actually look like them, I’m not sure if they’re just babies, or what. Friends were talking about killing them/hosing them down/etc but I don’t want to harm them if they’re useful/pretty.
Signature: Anna Moore

Oak Leafroller

Hi Anna,
Another reader just supplied us to a link entitled “Caterpillars Invade Tampa Bay” that provides information on the Oak Leafroller,
Argyrotaenia quercifoliana, and other similar Caterpillars that are currently being reported in great numbers in Florida.

Location: Florida

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