I live NEAR San Francisco, but about 25-30 min away
Location: Redwood City, California
March 7, 2011 6:03 pm
can you identify this bug?
found about 5-6 around my kitchens window sill, whiped them up and flushed them down the toilet [last night].
2 more appeared today.
they’re really tiny, about hm, a bit bigger than a pen’s head.
Signature: xblueduckx

Varied Carpet Beetle

Dear sblueduckx,
This is a Varied Carpet Beetle,
Anthrenus verbasci, and you can read all about it in our archives or on BugGuide.  We have been responding to several identification requests each day for various species of Carpet Beetles and their larvae.

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Location: California

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  1. kim says:

    Please explain feeding on pet hair. Will they only eat hair of pet or will they feed on their skin, body,or harm them? need to know. Thank you
    Will they eat countertop, tile,or any synthetic material?

  2. rather not says:

    when you say “All you need to do is locate the source of the infestation”, what does this entail? What exactly am I looking for? ONE or a NEST of larvae?
    I also believe that I’ve been bitten, on more than one occassion. I fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up with several small spots that were very similar to ant bites……………TOTALLY grosses me out to think that I may have eaten one, because they are right by the side of my mouth!!! I am SO grateful for this site though, because I have been trying to figure out for two weeks straight what these ‘buggers’ are, but the bites today but me over the edge of NEEDING to identify them!!!

  3. Mary says:

    How do I get rid of these varied carpet bug?

  4. Letty says:

    These showed up covering my parsley seed heads this morning in a container pot – first time i am seeing them.
    Should I get rid them by shaking into soapy water? I prefer to leave bugs alone if they are beneficial at all – but don’t want these moving inside my home.

  5. claudia gale says:

    i have numerous parasites in my skin, feces, subcutaneous blood, etc. is there any way i can send you some videos in order for you to help me with identification? rhey are quite disturbimg….but my doctor has refused to,look at any of them.

    i found a flea in one of many lesions on my legs and was given Ivermectin….which worked on a temporary basis. not one doctor took skin scarpings or did any of the protocol suggested in the Merck Manual of medicine, prior to deeming me as having delusional parasytosus.

    I took skin scrapings and found all kinds of winged insects in them. videos to proove it. recently had all the skin just peel off my feet…and found all kinds of black fibers and black specks that seemed to have small white worms on them. three days later, i videoed the same skin and was shocked to find an insect acrually crawling from under the skin.

    i also found sand fly larvae in my cats water bowl…which i brought to show my doctor.

    i am beside myself, at this point, as i have found sand flies, some kind of flea and now an insect of unknown origin….in or on my body. i asked for a stool sample,to,test for parasites….but my doctor wrote on the lab slip…”check for occult blood only”…underlying the only twice.

    please help me. thank you.

  6. kristine Barkley says:

    how do u get rid of these bugs
    anthrenus verbasci bug its all consider a carpet bug i have parkay floors n tile?? found in water dish

  7. Jilchristina Vest says:

    Yes. Please be more specific on finding the source. I have no idea where to look. Like, do I need to throw out my rug/carpet?
    Thank you.

    • Just ME Onlyme says:

      My Ex is into pest control. High ranking.
      I have gone on sites with her, and this is where you find most of the issues. I have seen ants issues, mice, spiders, bedbugs (NASTY), cockroaches (NASTY) etc. Many places I went to, commercial and residental.
      These Carpet Beetles are not like that of an ant, they don’t leave a trail to make things easy. The Carpet Beetle doesn’t leave a fairmone to say, ‘ go this way to the food!’ and the rest follow. I see they have wings like a Ladybug.

      Best practice to elimate pets are to find:
      Grease source (Roaches), fridge, stove, microwave.
      Dust source/skin (Bedbugs) Beds, Rails, Baseboard, matrices
      Garbage source (Rats/Mice) Self explanatory.
      Sugar source (Ants) Pantry,Under the bed, Garage, etc.
      Water source (Waterbugs-Lg Roaches) Under the house, Kitchen/bathroom sinks, etc.
      Cardboard free/egg laying source(Roach etc) Garages, Kitchen Restaurants: (cling free wrap boxes)(Tinfoil boxes). Pizza boxes.
      So as mentioned above:
      * “Larvae feed on a variety of stored foods in the pantry as well as on things like fur, feathers, leather and wool, and pet hair”
      * “The adult beetles feed on pollen, like to be on window sills and they do not survive on items in the home.”

      Larvae found near the wall and carpet in my bedroom under my window. It has been about a year since I have seen one, and they were a shed of skin like a lizard or snake…not the bug itself.

      Now (today) I see quite a few of the adults in the window track of the same window in the bedroom. On my wall under the window and on the window screen. Past 2 days I have caught 14. I think they are coming from the window track drain slot where condensation runs out. There is a lot of pollen starting here in So Cal. My pantry is FAR from my bedroom. I don’t see any in any other area except my room around my window ledge mostly inside the window track. I locked off the drainage slot to check if they are more that way I know its an internal issue I have to deal with.
      Only thing I can think of is the Larvae now hatching the adults are showing.. the only thing I have of that ‘ list of food ‘ is dust that comes in from the window being open.
      I still think they are coming IN and not caused from being IN my home. I never see them anywhere except my window track. Past 2 days, 14 caught, 3 on the wall under the window. The rest are in the window track that the closed window sits on top of.
      So, for starters, I am blocking entry from outside (Window condensation slot ) and checking how many I find. I don’t see Larvae.
      Hope I helped.

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