what flying insect is it?
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
March 8, 2011 12:47 am
I don’t know what is it, it is a little bigger than mosquito. can you tell me what is it?
Signature: daisugi, Indonesia

Derbid Planthopper

Dear daisugi,
This is a Derbid Planthopper in the family Derbidae.  BugGuide, a website dedicated to the identification of North American insects, credits Andy Hamilton with this statement:  “Nymphs of Derbidae feed on fungi. Adults just seem to hang around on vegetation waiting on others passing by.”  Previous submissions to our website of this obscure family have been from Singapore, Australia and Ohio in the USA.

Derbid Planthopper

Location: Indonesia

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  1. Chun Xing says:

    Common here in Borneo too.
    These Derbid bugs love to be under leaves. Species : Proutista moesta

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