Flying bug seen in Senegal
Location: Cap Skirring, Senegal, Africa
March 6, 2011 6:52 pm
Hi Daniel,
Lynne Nerenbaum here. I met you at the former Studio P and also know Lisa. When I was recently in Cap Skirring in southern Senegal I saw this bug/moth/butterfly. I am hoping you can identify it. I wasn’t able to.
Thank you and hope you’re well!
Signature: Lynne

Wasp Moth

Hi Lynne,
Nice to hear from you.  Your creature is a Wasp Moth in the subtribe Euchromiina, commonly called Wasp Moths because they are diurnal and mimic wasps for protection.  We will try to identify the species for you.  There are many North American Wasp Moths, with Florida probably having the most diversity, and you can see images of North American members of the subtribe Euchromiina on BugGuide.

Location: Africa

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  1. Cesar Crash says:

    Wow, it’s more than one year, I think I got the ID! It looks like Euchromia folletii, the torso may be a little little different.

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