Amazing green cicada
Location: Campinas, São Paulo/Brazil
March 7, 2011 10:56 am
Hi Daniel! Now i’m back to ask you about this species of cicada i found in my city (i really don’t know the species, but it seems to belong to the genus Carineta). Its size is about 3/4 inches, and it’s fully green! Sorry posting a copyrighted picture below, but it’s the only one i found with a better angle to show you the green cicada (i copied from, where it was written: ”You may print this image for personal use. Provided the logo is not removed, you may post this picture on your web site — a link back is appreciated — and use it for school projects and powerpoints. If you are interested in using this photograph in a publication, please contact me. Please reference the URL of this photo in your email. High resolution versions may be available and it may be possible to make this image available on a t-shirt or other products.”).
Here’s the URL for the picture:
Would you identify it for me?
Thanks a lot!!!
Signature: Franco (Cicada Lover)


Hi Franco,
Since your Cicada is from Brazil, and the image from Monga Bay is from Borneo, other than the green coloration, we are not convinced they necessarily have any close relation.  We will post the link to Monga Bay, but not the photo so our readership can easily compare images.  We hope we can eventually provide you with a species identification.

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Location: Brazil

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  1. Sugarpeep says:

    Dear Franco (Cicada Lover)!

    I reside in a city not too far from where you found your cicada. Last year in November I too found a tiny green Cicada. I took lots of photos!! You can find them here: Does that look like your cicada? Feel free to use them however you like. 🙂

    ~M.W.M. Bugnut

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