Male Midge – Chironomidae
Location: Utah, 6,000 feet
March 5, 2011 11:29 am
I see several insects in the winter, as the weather begins to warm up. On this walk I took, I found several of these little black, fuzzy antenna insects. I perused your site, as well as another site that talks about insects, and think I’ve identified it as a Male non-biting Midge.
This was taken in Utah, at about 6,000 ft. on March 4.
Signature: Wendy

Snow Midge

Hi Wendy,
Your identification is correct.  We are pleased to hear that you are using internet resources to research your identification requests and that our site was a component of your research.  Though we have photos of Midges on our website, your photo is the first Snow Midge we have received.  BugGuide has an excellent image of a male Snow Midge that matches your image.  We also found a very nice Nature Post on Snow Midges on the Abundant Nature website.

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Location: Utah

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  1. Jim says:

    I was looking to find out what fer little midge type bug i’d been seeing around my fish pond all winter, Now i know and I’m in central Pa.

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