Seed-like eggs or are these segments
Location: San Francisco
March 5, 2011 10:49 pm
We have a recent bedbug infestation. While looking for eggs, I found one of these seed-like objects in a crack in my desk chair. I then found one in my desk drawer, and about 18 beneath the couch cushion on the couch I sleep on. A few days later I found ~ 7 under my desk on the floor. We have no pets. I do eat pork somewhat regularly, in case this matters. It is currently February here, and I am very curious if these are eggs. Some have said these could be tapeworm segments. There are similar questions on the web, but none have yet been resolved.
Signature: Anon

Sesame Seeds

Dear Anon,
We are uncertain what the presence of pork in your diet has to do with this question, unless you have confused Trichinosis and Tape Worms.  Pursuing the Tape Worm segment line of questioning, Tape Worms are parasites of the gastrointestinal tract, and any segments that have sloughed off the worm would pass out of the gastrointestinal tract during defecation.   We don’t believe that would cause them to be found on your desk chair, in the desk drawer, beneath the couch cushion or on the floor, however, since you didn’t discuss your hygiene habits, we cannot be certain.  You also did not indicate if sesame bagels or sesame seed kaiser rolls are part of your dietary consumption, which we suspect is probably the case, as these appear to be non-threatening sesame seeds to us.  Do you snack at your desk and on the couch?

Many kind thanks for your prompt reply.
I have enclosed a document I composed last night that should shed light on this matter : )
How to completely deceive yourself with your own intelligence.
1. Start with a scary hypothesis (these must be parasite eggs).
(after all, we recently discovered bedbugs in one room)
2. Ignore obvious evidence (they look like sesame seeds).
(because, well, single insane bedbugs lay single eggs in strange places!)
3. Add terror: they look like tapeworm segments!!!
4. Amp terror: tapeworm segments crack open and release micro-eggs which you can easily ingest. When this happens they spread throughout muscle and nervous tissue and form cysts in the BRAIN — and I’ve been handling them with my bare hands not knowing this!!!
5. Read a bunch of internet reports about people similarly concerned/affected.
6. Suffer. A lot. Fear the disease. Fear not being able to get it properly diagnosed. Fear the terrifying treatments.
7. Read more reports. Read people who discover that, even though they were CERTAIN these were not seeds, they were, in fact, seeds.
9. Facepalm.
(Oldsters may need to to a quick websearch to understand this response)
10. Celebrate.

Location: California

18 Responses to Sesame Seeds, we believe

  1. carpwoman says:

    Anon, I love your response. I could totally see myself doing this.

  2. lianng says:

    Hi we live in vegas and recently have the same issue with these eggs. My husband asked an orkan man who does most of the hotel rooms here in vegas what he thought it was, and without a doubt he is sure they are carpet beetle eggs. and believe it or not after locating these eggs we now have a black carpet beetle infestation. They are not as bad as bed bugs since they dont bite you however they are putting some holes in my daughters clothing and they like fibers or grains to eat. all you can do is dispose of the eggs and kill the black beetles when you see them. We spray outside and inside the house and they still manage to survive so hope this helps.

  3. ccavness says:

    LOVE the steps to self-deception. Hilarious!

  4. Missy says:

    Anon, your response was lovely and SO very true. I have to add that after finding dried up tapeworm segments on our cats at various times they do look very much like sesame seeds. Which means any sesame seeds in our house are examined closely!

  5. Karen H says:

    I had a similar finding that turned out to be tapeworm eggs excreted from the anus of my chihuahua that sleeps with me. This was confirmed by a veterinarian and she was promptly treated. I was promptly freaked out. Endless to say, I now always on the lookout for telltale signs of a re infestation.

  6. Bugs no Bunny says:

    Anon: that was about the level of a Bart Simpson comment. Why would anyone think it is funny or cute to send sesame seed photos to a bug site and then pretend he didn’t know what kind of bug eggs they were. There are people who are seriously interested in getting answers and you just want to see if you can make the bug site look stupid. It wasn’t the bug people who wound up looking silly. Bug man shows way more patience than I would. You are wasting our time. Just go back to your video games and pulled pork on a sesame bun.

    • I don’t think he was wasting our time. It WAS funny AND I have been doing the very same thing.

      One of our cats gets on my bed when I get up in the morning and before I can get back to make the bed, she looks like she is asleep, so I don’t bother here. I notice later that she is bathing herself.

      When she gets up, I go to make my bed and because this cat sheds badly, I use a lint roller on where she laid. There were a dozen or more sesame seeds right there yesterday. Today there were 6.

      Since I have recently been bitten, I am wondering if they are eggs and I just don’t know what they are!!!

      My doctor said yesterday that my bites are Oak mites, which are very bad in the Midwest this year.

      I think he was making light of himself and I am VERY GRATEFUL for the response Lianng that they are carpet beetle eggs, who got the info from an Orkin man.

      I will breath a little easier now.

  7. oddly says:

    Our cat loves the windowsill and when I found sesame looking seeds all over the windowsills where I never eat sesame anything, I took them to the vet and sure enough, tapeworm. Which is odd to me because she is a housecat and I’ve not seen any fleas. : (

  8. Erica says:

    @Bugs no Bunny Don’t have a cow man!

    This response was hilarious and I appreciate the humor since I plague my children with doing stuff like this sometimes. Dr. Internet is not very competent and we all know it. We just want answers (cheap ones) fast! So we keep going to him only for him to tell us EXACTLY what we want to hear an reinforce that we are suffering from (you name it) and about to die a horrible death. Or in my case get rid of my camellia cuttings, (which I already did so why am I still looking for this info) and never pour a drink with sugar in it in them again. So long!


    I probably really won’t be back on here since I have a TON of other work to do so there is no need to post some grouchy and really critical comment. I won’t see it.

  9. 1stproject16 says:

    Wow, I can’t say that I have never made this kind of mistake, but still super funny!!!

  10. Demi Bryan says:

    This is quite interesting and entertaining. I like the steps for self deception.

  11. Yasmin Lowe says:

    I can’t believe it!?

  12. It is very interesting.

  13. Robert Bflo NY says:

    Man; I looked up finding “Sesame seeds” on bed etc… & it brought me to this site( after a cpl others said its some kind of worm( thats segments detach & come out & look like sesame seed(or cucumber seeds- which is in the worms scientific name type)- while people would comment on sites about bedbugs& carpetbeetles as well; so very confusing stuff!- I have had a feeling of being bitten by mites as well!- & I do have a dog.- Other web sites brought me straight to the worm parasite info… I think it was mean to mock the guy. Its no joke.- I am buying worm medication for my dog tomorrow; although i have seen none in her stool specifically.Also-cleaning my mattress and finding little black “ pepper flecks” – in all of the crevices… that seemed like they turned into minute blood splotches while power cleaning the mattress. I have searched tons & found no bed bugs anywhere & have bombed the house & am always cleaning & vacuuming… I did find a dead dark brown beetle while cleaning a cpl wks ago & nothing more… So its confusing & frightening!-I want to feel clean & beautiful of course!- feel like I’m getting bit in my car & have bugged bombed it and vacuumed several times!- Its frightening!!!-Ive looked online like 50times about all this… My dog is treated w Advantix 2, given baths, taken to the vet…I dunno- Im just gonna keep cleaning , bombing, putting essential oils around…Some people try to say weird stuff like – Morgellons or mold mites etc…but – Jesus- No one wants to spread parasites to friends/family or anything… I’ve been at my wits end…Exhausted … & grossed out!

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