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Dung Beetle?
Location: Myrtle Beach SC
March 5, 2011 4:11 pm
My daughter found this beetle in our backyard today in SC, and I was wondering if you could identify it for us. We thought maybe it was a dung beetle. Thanks.
Signature: Lisa Ski

Hump Backed Dung Beetle

Hi Lisa,
We quickly identified your beetle on BugGuide as a Hump Backed Dung Beetle,
Deltochilum gibbosum.  BugGuide describes the species as a “Large, round dung beetle, mostly dull black. Male has a prominent hump on each elytron.”  That would indicate that your specimen is a male.

Hump Backed Dung Beetle

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: South Carolina

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  1. shieanne says:

    I found a dung beetle in my yard. But from what I was told there not in the United States but I also see on your sight there was one found in myrtle beach sc and I am in lugoff sc
    Can someone give me more info on these beetles!

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