Fuzzy Flies and Robot Fly!
Location: Sacred Valley, Peru
March 3, 2011 1:49 pm
Hello! I am in Peru in the Sacred Valley out of Cuzco. I have 2 fuzzy fly specimen I was hoping you could help me identify! I don’t believe they’re the same! I also got lucky with this last shot of a fly who looks like he’s part machine! What are they…offically?
Thanks, WTB team!
Signature: offthegridinperu

Bee, possibly Long-Horned Bee

Dear offthegridinperu,
We are amused that despite being off the grid, you have internet access.  One of your lovely Peruvian insects is not a Fly.  It is a Bee, and we believe it may be a Long-Horned Bee in the tribe Eucerini.  You may compare your photo to some North American Long-Horned Bees posted to BugGuide.

Fly, possibly Tachinid Fly

We believe one of your Flies is a Tachinid Fly.  Tachinids are parasitic to a wide variety of insects and they are often quite spiny.  You may use BugGuide to see some examples of North American Tachinids.  Finally, we believe the Fly you compared to a machine may be a Flesh Fly in the family Sarcophagidae, and again, North American species may be found on BugGuide.

Fly, possibly Flesh Fly

Location: Peru

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