Standoff on the Kitchen Sink
March 2, 2011
Hi Daniel and Lisa,
Hope this finds you both well.
This afternoon there was a little drama in my kitchen…Lady Bird Beetle is still there, the Paper Wasp has left the building (well…the area).
My question is, was it the pungent odor of the “Ladybug,” or just no real interest on the part of the wasp that caused an end to the standoff?  They danced around and around for nearly two hours without moving more than an inch in any direction.
Spring is springing up here in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.  YES!!!  Even the moths have begun their nightly flights.
More later, to be sure,
R.G. Marion

Lady Beetle and Paper Wasp

Hi R.G.,
It is nice to hear from you again.  While this meeting may appear confrontational, we suspect it is just a matter of a chance meeting.  Paper Wasps are nectar feeders that feed their larvae chewed and regurgitated insects, but the usual prey includes soft bodied insects like Caterpillars.

Location: Tennessee

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