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is this some kind of a fly? or bee?
Location: Singapore
March 1, 2011 12:29 am
Please ID this insect for me..
thanks you very much.. 🙂
have a nice day!
this site rocks!
Signature: na

Spider Wasp, we believe

Dear na,
We believe this may be a Spider Wasp in the family Pompilidae, and although BugGuide deals strictly with North American species, the family description includes the following identifying features:  “Typically dark colored with smoky or yellowish wings; a few are brightly colored.  Slender with long and spiny legs, hind femora typically extending beyond tip of abdomen.  Tibiae of rear legs have two prominent spines at apex (distal end, next to tarsi)   Wings not folded flat on top of abdomen.
Mesopleuron with a transverse suture  Like the Vespidae, the Pompilidae have the pronotum extending back to the tegulae, the pronotum thus appearing triangular when viewed from the side and horseshoe-shaped when viewed from above.”  The prominent spines on the rear legs are quite obvious in your photos.  Your very minimal identification request does not provide us with any information on the sighting.  It appears that you must have observed this individual for some time since you have photographs on two different backgrounds.  We can’t help but to wonder what the Spider Wasp is carrying in its jaws.  Spider Wasps provision a nest with paralyzed spiders, but the wadded up material in the Wasp’s mandibles appears to be something else.  We would request that in the future, you provide us with some observational information at the time of the submission so that your requests would be of greater interest to our readership.

Spider Wasp

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Singapore

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  1. David Ball says:

    Auplopus sp.
    Family Pompilidae, subfamily Pepsinae.

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