Please Tell me this isn’t a species of ROACH!
Location: San Diego, Ca ??
February 22, 2011 12:23 am
I’ve seen two of these bugs around my house. One was in the pantry and this one was crawling through the living room. I promise I put them outside! Thinking he just snuck in from outdoors. They don’t seem that fast.. So my questions
1. Is this the kind of bug that would be ’infesting’ my walls?
2. What kind of bug is this?
3. How do I get rid of these guys before my partner sees one?
Signature: Please don’t tell me this is a Roach!!


Dear Please don’t tell me this is a Roach!!,
We will not tell you this is a Roach because it is not.  It is a Silverfish, a common household pest.  Silverfish are generally found in damp dark locations.  They will eat a variety of organic substances in the house including the starch used to hang wallpaper and in book bindings as well as typical food items.  They are difficult to eradicate once they have become established.  They may be in your walls.  We do not offer extermination advice, however, some of our advertisers are in the exterminating business.

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Location: California

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