Angry litte catapillar
Location: Nth Queensland Australia
February 21, 2011 5:06 am
Gday mate,
was out in the garden and brushed past a tree that this guy was living in. It took about 5 seconds before I felt like I was being branded with a hot iron ( or a million wasps – not sure)
anyway was real curious to find out what kind it was?
Signature: Doug from Downunder

Chinese Junk

Gday Doug,
You had an unfortunate encounter with a Stinging Slug Caterpillar in the family Limacodidae.  In Australia, the family is known as the Cup Moth family and the caterpillars, many of which can sting, are called Spitfires according to the Brisbane Insect website.  Your particular caterpillar is the Mottled Cup Moth,
Doratifera vulnerans, and the caterpillar, according to the Brisbane Insect Website, is called a Chinese Junk:  “because of their shape and their way of moving like ship at sea.

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Location: Australia

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