scary bug found in shower
Location: Key West
February 17, 2011 11:31 am
Help me bros, this bug scared the bejeezus out of me this morning! I was taking a shower all calm and that’s where I found it. Luckly I was already in the shower or I would’ve messed my pants!!!
It was able to walk up tile and walls until condensation formed and it couldn’t climb no more. Drowned itself in shower water.
Has antennas, 6/8 legs. And a little over 1/2” long.
Please tell me was this nightmare is?!?!?!?!?!
Signature: Thanks bros, Key West Kenny

Solifugid drowned in shower

Dear Key West Kenny,
You encountered a harmless Solifugid which lacks venom of any sort despite its common names of Sun Spider and Wind Scorpion.  We were not aware that Solifugids were found in Florida as we think of them as being desert species, but BugGuide substantiates that they have been reported in Florida.  Solifugids are Arachnids like Spiders and Scorpions, but while Spiders and Scorpions both have venom, the frightening Solifugid lacks the means to poison either its prey or its predators.  That said, they are formidable hunters.  We are tagging this posting as Unnecessary Carnage because its drowning was avoidable.  If you think this little creature is a nightmare, you should check out its massive Middle Eastern relative known as a Camel Spider.  The Camel Spider image we have in our archives went viral on the internet several years ago and there is much web chatter including a considerable amount of misinformation regarding the danger it poses to humans and camels.

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Location: Florida

6 Responses to Solifugid drowned in Key West

  1. Satoru says:

    I killed a big one just a few min ago in my bathroom. I feel a bit bad now, but it was very fast, and I didn’t have time to research it before my window of attack closed. I didn’t want to chance that it may be poisonous and threaten me or my roommates while we were sleeping. Next time I know, it’s basically harmless. Scary looking as shit though. May he rest in peace

  2. Satoru says:

    I’m also in Key West, FL

  3. Ashley stark says:

    I just had one of those damn wind scorpions sun spiders run down my shirt while I was sitting on my couch. I almost had a heart attack at 28. I’m in central colorado ,I was under the impression they were more of a desert species. I can’t sleep now because I can see his creepy little mandible face …..I know he was trying to kill me. Omg freak out!

    • bugman says:

      While they are more common in arid location, Solifugids have been reported on BugGuide from most states west of the Mississippi River as well as Florida.

  4. Keywester says:

    My wife was just bitten by one in Key West. No venom but a painful bite; she was bitten twice while sleeping. Painful.

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