flower spider for wasp babies.
Location: North Burnett. Queensland
February 18, 2011 11:30 pm
Hi Guys,
Just spotted this little wasp, about 1cm, making a valiant effort to transport this flower spider to its burrow. It would do a series of three ’flying hops’ and then rest for a few moments. I guess to build up reserves for the next leap.
Hope you like it.
Signature: aussietrev

Spider Wasp with Crab Spider prey

Hi Trevor,
Thanks for your wonderful photo and your observational account of the incident.  We generally refer to Flower Spiders from the family Tomisidae as Crab Spiders, but that may be a North American preference.  The common name Crab Spider refers to the morphology of the leg structure, with the front legs being the longest, as well as the often sideways means of locomotion commonly used by members of the family.  Flower Spider refers to the habit these spiders have of waiting on blossoms for pollinating insects.  Spider Wasps in the family Pompilidae take nectar as adults, and the wasps are often found on blossoms.  It seems more than a coincidence that this particular Spider Wasp has chosen a Flower Spider as its prey.  It might be deduced that the adult Spider Wasp while feeding may also encounter food for its brood.  We imagine that in some cases, it is the Spider Wasp that is the victim when it encounters a Flower Spider.

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Location: Australia

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