Location: Kona coast Hawai’i
February 11, 2011 10:24 pm
I found this spider molt in Hawaii on the dry Kona side of the island. Very cool as the molt was anchored by webbing in a nook of lava rock. I’ll send the one picture but others I have show the ’hatch’ the spider must have backed out of as it shed this old skin.
Signature: Scott Hilsmann- Occidental, Ca

Exuvia of a Wolf Spider, we believe

Hi Scott,
We are sorry we did not get back to you immediately, but we have a very small staff and we are unable to respond to every request that we receive.  We are very excited to post your image of the Exuvia of a Spider.  Exuviae are the cast off exoskeletons of creatures like insects, arachnids and crustaceans.  There is some controversy regarding the proper usage of the singular and plural forms of the term, and Doug Yanega of UC Riverside does a very nice job of tracing the roots to the term Exuvia on this Taxacom posting.  Different families of spiders can be distinguished by the arrangement of the eyes, and we believe this is a Wolf Spider, though we would not rule out the possibility that it is the Exuvia of a Nursery Web Spider based on the diagrams of Spider Eye Arrangement on BugGuide.   There are numerous nice close-ups of Wolf Spider faces on BugGuide including this example from Ohio.

Location: Hawaii

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