Red bug
Location: Quebec Canada
February 14, 2011 1:26 am
It’s the middle of winter and we haven’t even seen a single spider come out lately and here I see this little creepy crawler right in front of me. My first instinct is to yell and try to kill it but just as I am looking for something to hit it with, I realise it’s something i’ve never seen before with a distinct red and black pattern. I decided to trap it and try to take a picture since I’ve heard of this site. I;m wondering what this bug is!
Signature: Vanessa

Two Spotted Stink Bug

Hi Vanessa,
This is a beneficial, predatory Two Spotted Stink Bug,
Perillus bioculatus.  Many Stink Bugs seek out homes in which to hibernate in areas where there is a severe winter.

Location: Canada

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