Spined Soldier Bug????
Location: Fulton County, Illinois
February 10, 2011 1:11 am
I thought this was a Spined Soldier Bug. The red patch on its back is not in any information I have found.
Signature: Steve

Spined Soldier Bug

Dear Steve,
The angle of view of your photo makes it difficult to ascertain for certain that this is a Spined Soldier Bug,
Podisus maculiventris, but we believe that you are probably correct because of the spines on the pronotum at the widest point of the body.  A photo posted to BugGuide shows some reddish markings on the individual as well as reddish legs.  Perhaps there are some latent genes that may eventually result in a population with red markings for this beneficial Predatory Stink Bug.

Location: Illinois

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  1. ameeds says:

    Not Podisus. This is Euschistus. Probably the species tristigmus.

  2. ameeds says:

    Yep. Both are Pentatomids. Different subfamilies though. Podisus are predatory, Euschistus feed on plants.

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