Subject: unknown giant 1” by 2”wing span fly costa 2001
Location: costa rica
February 12, 2011 6:00 pm
I had this guy in my collection since march 2001 i think its from costa rica ,Iam an avide entomologist and photographer of insects .I rasie and realise silkmoths from the us aswell but for the life of me i cant find this guy or girl giant fly. looks to be simaliar to a robber fly but its huge and a single pair of wings ,I hope you dont consider this carnage
Signature: ryan

Mydas Fly Specimen

Hi Ryan,
We posted a photo of a Robber Fly from Arizona a few years ago and we never properly identified it, however, it looks very similar to your specimen.  While we do not consider your collection to be carnage, we wish you had taken better care of this magnificent creature that probably looked much more impressive while it was alive and trying to capture prey.  We are posting both of your images because the overexposed image shows details that are absent in the darker shot.

Mydas Fly Specimen

Correction From A Facebook Post
Hi Gad,
Eric Eaton commented on’s post.
Eric wrote: “Not a robber fly but a “mydas fly,” family Mydidae. Very cool just the same!”
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The Bugman Replied
Thanks Eric.  We looked on BugGuide for Mydas Flies, but nothing came close to this coloration.  Do you suppose they mimic Tarantula Hawks?

Eric wrote: “No question it mimics a Pepsis wasp! You can’t be easily faulted, the head of this specimen looks a bit mangled….”

Location: Costa Rica

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